Coming in 2019

LDT (Lymph Drainage Therapy)Yoga Bandha and Flamenco For Facilitating The Lymph Flow

In this class you will learn:

  • How the lymphatic system works and how you can help improve the health of the patients during and after the cancer treatment
  • About the PrimoVascular System: unique anatomical system shifting a medical paradigm and its role in Lymphatic system formation and in cancer metastasis
  • Simple Protocols for Detoxification and Minor Pathologies, adaptable to each patient's specific problem
  • What happens when pathways of the lymphatic system have been interrupted and how lymphedema develops
  • How to distinguish primary lymphedema from secondary lymphedema
  • How to facilitate its drainage by stimulating the preserved lymph flow - "Lymphatic mapping"
  • Yoga Bandha and specific movements/exercises from various dance forms which will improve the lymph flow from different lymphatic zones in the body