"Listening" Techniques For Better Assessment And Outcome

"Listening" Techniques For Better Assessment And Outcome


September 20–September 21 2019

Dancing For Healing & Bodywork introduces a series of techniques and insights that reflect cutting edge research, ancient practices, and current clinical experience on how to use one's presence to augment the healing process. 

This course is a part of 3 major concepts:

  1. Integrative bodywork - integrate all your Assessment and Manual Therapy skills in a cohesive approach to meet the unique needs of each patient/client at any present moment

  2. Creative and fun self-care for the bodyworkers

  3. Learn how incorporating movement into your massage therapy sessions can benefit both you and your clients - use dance movements as a vehicle for maintaining the therapeutic effect achieved during the bodywork session.


  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes

  • Dance shoes

  • A flat sheet that you will be willing to sacrifice for becoming a canvas for artwork

  • Your Body & Soul

Class Highlights

  • Recognize and master different levels of body and mind self- awareness
  • Identify different body rhythms of expansion and contraction through palpation - cardiovascular, respiratory, cranio-sacral, lymphatic
  • Discriminate between palpatory qualities of different tissues - muscles, nerves, fascia, organs( hollow and parenchymal), vessels and Primo-vessels
  • Assess the feedback from them at normal versus dysfunctional state
  • Learn to "listen" and trust what you hear using your whole body
  • Understand how to incorporate "listening skills" in the clients' evaluation and treatment plan
  • Choose the appropriate technique and dose your touch, discover presence and intention for "listening" and treating
  • Practice safe entrainment with your patients
  • Master movements which will make you more aware of your own and others' well-being
  • Adapt a pace which will improve your communication with the tissues and your confidence
  • The last hour of the class "Self-care Maps" in an atmosphere of peer support and interaction, is as personally healing as it is educational