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Dancing for Healing & Bodywork


Discover Inner Balance Through Movement and Touch

Monday Aug 20th 5:15pm
Sun Aug 26th at 12:30pm

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Developing an Extraordinary Port-De-Bras

For Beautiful Lines and Fun

I am offering these exercises because your compromised postures are haunting my dreams. These subtle but precise movements are coming from the unmatched tradition of the Classical Russian Ballet.

Once learned to be performed correctly, they:

  • Will allow you to gain postural control in a short time.
  • Will serve as a cardio-vascular conditioning
  • Will increase extension, produce beautiful lines, and develop extraordinary port de bras.
  • Are perfectly easy done few minutes before breakfast

After this class, you'll never be able to slouch your back, even if you want to.

* Port de Bras (Fr. for upper-mid-back) is what is so, soooo in need of being reeducated and reintegrated in your postural patterns.

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Every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm

The Dynamic Postural Control through tango Walk

The class will start with:

  • Self-Myo-fascial release techniques for lower extremities
  • static stretching
  • breathing meditation
  • review of Port-De-Bras postures
  • Tango dance demo from Memphis Argentine Tango Society

all of the above - no longer than 15min

  • Practicing the Tango walk 30 min
  • Focused breath meditation
  • dynamic stretching 5-10 min

Practicing the Tango sequence of the different gait phases will prepare the lower part of the body to wear the Middle-Upper-Back like $1,000,000 suit.

The benefits for you from this work-out range in:

  • reducing low back pain through reestablishing the pelvis- lower back connection
  • relieving the neck muscles from having to compensate for the insufficient lower body motor control
  • better balance and coordination
  • integration of your Gluteal muscles BACK in the walking business (instead of just "sagging in there")
  • training the muscles of lower extremities and pelvic Girdle to WORK IN CONCERT
  • wakening of your muscle tissue memory for proper function
  • GAINING DYNAMIC CONTROL over your Posture - through automatizing the transition between concentric, isometric and eccentric muscle contractions
  • reeducating your brain in the GAIT PATTERN of:
    • a tanguero
    • or a Cat
    • or a Bengali tiger
    • The Girl from Ipanema
    • Crocodile Dundee
  • no more feeling like "The great Imposture" (ctn. JimMcGee) at any party
  • feeling like $1,000,000

CAN YOU DO THESE MOVEMENTS?- Yes, and I will be there providing the CONTROLLED and SAFE ENVIRONMENT for your muscles and their lost memory for healthy function.

Practicing this walk for 5 min a day is all I am asking you for.

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Every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm

Dancing for "The Self And Its Brain"

Before we explore Salsa, Flamenco, Oriental and Different Folk dances, before we dance to a painting, a sculpture, a poem, a child or an idea or start other forms of interpretive and expressive movements, we have to reinforce the fundamentals

Static and Dynamic Postural Control and Balance and Coordination integration

Bring a large towel, comfortable shoes

The class will include:

  • Free Dance I (externalizing what arises in our bodies, at this moment, in a nonverbal form - body movements (with or without music)
  • self-Breema exercises (for enhancing the kinestetic awareness) -
  • static and dynamic ACTIVE stretching
  • review of Tango walk
  • stabilizing the trunk during walking and introduction to trunk-pelvis counter rotation(you'll be ready for salsa and Belly dancing)
  • practicing various gait patterns at different tempos and music
  • Free Dance II
  • comparing the degree and quality of expression between the two Free Dances - at the beginning and at the end of class
  • Focused Breath Meditation

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Every 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm

Flamenco for Arthritis and Osteoporosis

One hour of Flamenco( bail) "tangos pas" and arm movements will :
  • Mobilize arthritic joints
  • Improve muscle balance
  • Bring percussion and weight bearing to the long bones - which stimulate osteoblasts formation
  • Enhance the capacity of the brain to differentiate body parts and integrate them through coordinated movements of hands and feet
  • Facilitate posture, alignment and coordination
  • Electrify the heart
  • Connect it with the mind
  • Encourage your spontaneity
  • Make every cell of your body vibrate with the frequencies of the universe

And you will arrive at the state of FREEDOM

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Every Thursday at 6:00 pm

Cancer? So what! Defy it with Dancing For Healing

Increase your stamina

Drain the lymphedema

Hold on to the fun

Embrace the present

Dance off the fear

Learn to reach out for help

Trust the help

Get close to your bones to discover what you need to change

Take the change

And the lead

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