We're Giving Away a Bulgarian Glow Body Treatment!

Want an immune-boosting, deep-cleansing and skin-nourishing massage, AND the chance to enjoy all this for free?


Whether this winter has already found you suffering from cold after cold or you're just a smart person in pursuit of preventative care, we invite you to come see us at For Your Health for a boost of immunity everyone needs this season. To celebrate the introduction of our latest treatment option—designed with just this purpose in mind—the first person to sign up for Bulgarian Glow: Body Treatment with Warm Honey and Herbs will receive the treatment 100% free! Just schedule your appointment here, and enter promo code FIRST-FREE. But we're not stopping there: we're also celebrating with a giveaway of a 5 Winter Lymph System Support Packages, each a $60 value!

Bulgarian Glow: A Warm Body Treatment + Lymph Drainage Massage with Ceramic Plates

Give your immune system the support it needs this season with our latest service option: Bulgarian Glow, a detoxifying and deep cleansing treatment combining the new trends in cosmetic science and the tradition of Bulgarian holistic healing. After a gentle massage with warm eco-honey (raw) and herbal essential oil (Ikarov and Eterika), a gentle scrub with dried organic herbs (Bulgarian rose petals, chamomile, wild thyme, calendula or linden blossom) is applied. You will be able to choose the most appropriate herbal combination for you,  selecting as many as three of the above herbs after a careful consultation with your practitioner - because, face it, we are all human beings but with DIFFERENT skin types!!

And did we mention the benefits of the concentrated minerals, vitamins, and enzymes in the honey?

This warm-up will be followed by stimulation with warm ceramic plates using the principles of Lymph Drainage Therapy. Ah, feeling already lighter, cleaner, elevated? And they are not just any ceramic plates, but specially made plates from unique clay-type soil from ecologically clean areas of Rodopi mountains and polished with a lead-free seal. These plates retain heat (from a UV steamer, NOT microwaved) for a loooong time and emanate Far InfraRed light! 

Massage with ceramic plates is an ancient Bulgarian (probably Thracian!) method which is commonly used for easing muscle pains, colds, and spasms. Applying this technique in the principles of Manual Lymph Drainage Massage and combining it with the Zen Facial massage or Cranio-Sacral Therapy during the relaxation period makes this ritual unique to For Your Health brand.

Yes, now you will be enveloped in this warm herbal caress for 15-20 minutes during which time you will be indulging in the Zen facial massage or Cranio-Sacral Therapy. An incredible sensory experience and perfect for relaxation and nourishing the skin.

Schedule your Bulgarian Glow today here (and remember that the first to sign up will receive the treatment for free)!

The Winter Lymph System Support Package

And as for maintenance of the immune system, we recommend our Winter Lymph System Support Package, which includes 35 minutes in an Infrared Sauna and 35 minutes of MIGUN Thermal Massage. Enter below to win yours for free, or schedule yours here today.


The Winter Lymph System Support Package is a combination of treatment by Infrared Sauna and MIGUN Thermal Massage, specially designed to keep your lymph system in shape in the time of year when it is often most stressed. The prize includes 35 minutes in an Infrared Sauna and 35 minutes of Migun Thermal Massage for a total of 70 minutes of relaxing and warming treatment.

The infrared sauna provides a similar experience to a traditional sauna (included vigorous cleansing sweating and increased heart rate similar to the results of moderate exercise) but at lower temperatures. This is accomplished with the use of infrared light to heat the body directly rather than heating the air around the body, making the sauna accessible to those who cannot tolerate the heat of a traditional sauna. In addition to its benefits to the lymph system, the infrared sauna is also highly beneficial to those suffering from high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis. Learn more here or schedule yours here.

The MIGUN Thermal Massage System combines Asian and Western medical techniques with infrared-heated jade balls that massage you from head to toe. Utilizing the principles of Acupressure, Acupuncture, Heat-Therapy (Moxibustion), Chiropractic, and Massage, MIGUN Thermal Massage Systems provide you with total health, relaxation, and balance. It is especially helpful to the lymph system as it is designed to gently stimulate the lymph glands to promote their drainage and correct functioning. Schedule your time in our MIGUN Thermal Massage Bed HERE.

The giveaway will close February 20 at 9:00 pm. Prize winners will receive the infrared sauna and MIGUN Thermal Massage System treatment in a single package to be scheduled at the prize winner's convenience prior to March 31, 2017. Good luck!

Plus a Deal for Everyone!

For the month of February, body scrubs, InfraRed sauna, and the MIGUN Thermal Massage System are all 35% off with the use of promo code: "ENHANCE"! Simply click on either service, schedule your appointment, and click "Redeem Coupon" under "Patient Information Form".