INTRODUCING- Bulgarian Glow/Body Treatment with Warm Honey and Herbs

Detoxifying and deep cleansing treatment combining the new trends in cosmetic science and the tradition of Bulgarian holistic healing. After a gentle massage with warm eco-honey (raw ) and herbal essential oil ( Ikarov, ; Eterika ) , a gentle scrub with dried organic herbs ( Rose petals (Bulgarian rose), chamomile, wild thyme, calendula or linden blossom) is applied. You will be able to choose the most appropriate for you herbal combination selecting as many as 3 of the above herbs , after a careful consultation with your practitioner- because, face it we are all human beings but with DIFFERENT skin types!!

And did we mention the benefits from the concentrated in the honey minerals ,vitamins and enzymes ?

This warm-up will be followed by stimulation with warm ceramic plates  in the principles of Lymph Drainage Therapy. Ah, feeling already lighter, cleaner, elevated?And it's not just any ceramic plates , but specially made from unique clay-type soil from ecologically clean areas of Rodopi mountains and polished with lead-free seal , which retain heat ( from UV steamer , NOT microwaved) for a loooong time and emanate Far InfraRed light ! 

Massage with Ceramic plates is an ancient Bulgarian ( probably Thracian!) method which is commonly used for easing muscle pains, colds and spasms. Applying this technique in the principles of Manual Lymph Drainage Massage and combining it with the Zen Facial massage or Cranio-Sacral Therapy during the relaxation period makes this ritual unique to For Your Health brand.

Yes, now you will be enveloped in this warm herbal caress for 15-20 min during which time you will be indulging in the Zen facial massage or Cranio-Sacral Therapy. An incredible sensory experience and perfect for relaxation and nourishing the skin.

Meet Mimi and the Rose

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AROMATHERAPY (AT)is a science and art that uses natural fragrant essential oils, herbs and plant extracts to influence the emotions and relax or stimulate the body reactions to them. 'Aroma' derives from the Greek word for spice, and 'therapy' means treatment. So AT literally meanscurative treatment by use of scent. Odors are perceived by the part of brain connected withemotions and research has shown that a pleasurable scent can have a positive effect on your perception of life. At can be applied in perfumes, steams, baths, massages, compresses and diffusers. It should be considered as only a part of a comprehensive treatment program designed for appropriate  management of pain/headache.