The new understanding of quantum physics applied to health and medicine gives more meaning and understanding to the phenomenon that occurs when applying laser onto injured tissues. Laser can be applied for a number of cases, but this article will focus on pain-related conditions.
Taking analgesics to heal chronic conditions may cause previous non existent health issues or injuries on healthy organs. This can now be treated with a therapeutic laser, which regenerates the affected tissue instead of hiding the alarming feeling of pain.

Our natural healing mechanism and self repair seem to decrease in speed and effectivity over time. Thus, A wound or injury that heals rapidly in a child will take a really long time in an adult and perhaps will not cure in an elderly person. This phenomenon seems to be caused by the loss of energy needed during the reparation process. A lot of energy is required for the interaction between the millions of cells trying to coordinate the very complex task of creating new vessels to carry the nutrients needed for healing an injured area of the body and to start reparations still preserving the level of specialization for that specific tissue.

Patients with pain resulting from nerve compression, neuralgic pain, or pain related to nerve giving the wrong information can be treated with therapeutic laser that gives the tissue the energy it needs. Once the mitochondria receive the needed energy, the cell will repair the tissue as it was designed to.

If this topic is of your interest, we could discuss the following:

  • Application fields ( nerve, muscle, joints, intervertebral disks, vocal cords, ear-audition, skin)
  • Treatment schedule - number and frequency of applications   

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